Welcome to the Scania planogram website. This is a web based tool and a visual aid for visual communication in your store. With the help of Planograms you know how to present and organise the products for the maximum effect and making the optimal use of available shelf-space in your shop as well as optimizing sales. The guide contains suggestions for Scania Brand Shops - retail and events.

On the planogram site you can also find catalogues and relevant guidelines.

Scania Sales is a worldwide organization consisting of more than 1800 workshops. The workshops are Scania’s main communicative output that provides opportunities to improve customer familiarity and connection with the Scania brand. Our customers perceived experiences of the Scania brand varies between markets and individual workshops due to varying furnishings, color schemes, communication tools and product portfolio. This creates a mixed message where it is difficult for Scania to align how it is perceived by our most important asset, the customers.

In order to change this, a standard, aiming at increased co-worker satisfaction and customer consolidation with the Scania brand, is needed. The retail shop concept will create the foundations for standardized campaigns, assortments and enhance our commercial relationships. This guideline aims at providing information and templates about the Scania Retail Shop concept.

  • If a product isnt selling - try moving it to a different spot.
  • Remove clothes and branding products from plastic.
  • Fill bags etc with material to make them bulky.
  • When displaying items in gift boxes (watches, sunglasses, key rings etc) – always keep at least one box open so that the customer can see the product.
  • Try to always have one product of each size available on the shelf in your shop
  • Make sure the shelves are frequently cleaned and look tidy.
  • Volume sells! Make sure to fill upp the shelves.
  • Spotlights are good for making the products “pop” and stand out..
Scania Retail Shop

An optimal shop

Scania products with Scania quality. Scania Retail Shop is a joint initiative for a brand-carrying shop that is continuously maintained and renewed. The goal is to optimise the customer’s experience of Scania. Provided centrally:

  • In-store tools and furnishing concept
  • Communication and campaign
  • Daily agenda and ongoing development
  • Broadened range in shop and catalogue
  • More price categories
  • Scania products with Scania quality
  • Best practice – your own and others’ experiences

Scania Retail shop has four aims

We want to optimise how we deal with the customers who visit any of our 1800 service points worldwide. This manual has been produced to help you fulfil the Retail Shop’s four main aims:

  • To take care of the customer
  • To provide an experience of the Scania brand
  • To create a platform to capture the potential of added business
  • To achieve profitability in store

The Scania shop shall offer a mix of Scania Accessories, Scania Lifestyle products, Scania Parts and Scania VRS.

Scania Retail Shop