Small Retail Shop

The basic range is a minimum at all workshops. It uses a Retail Shop area of around 20-35 m2 and contains the following product groups and display ranges.

  • Consumables
  • Vehicle Related Parts (VRP) such as wiper blades, light bulbs, oil, high-vis vests and warning cones.
  • Display range of Scania Branding Products ideally model vehicles and eye-catching Scania Selection products.

A selection of the range is displayed in the shop, but not stocked at the shop. Product catalogues are shown along-side the display.

A computer with Scania webshop should be available as a complement in the Scania Retail Shop.

20% Parts
40% VRP
10% Accessories
30% Branding products

Please note that this there can be variables depending on market and the local target group.

Need vs want

The need range

Make the customer feel safe on his or her primary errand. Service is the main product and should be easy to locate from the entrance. After that, consumables and fast-moving refill products. A campaign area on the way to the service desk creates opportunities for presenting attractive offers in the shop.

Need Examples

  • Service, getting the vehicle back on the road
  • Spare parts
  • Vehicle Related Parts (VRP)
  • Consumables
The want range

In zones where the customer has more time.

  • A comfortable waiting area with good coffee further back in the shop
  • If possible, access to restroom and toilets
  • The Want range is displayed around and on the way to this area
  • If the facility has a restaurant, it should be clearly signposted in this area

Want Examples

  • Accessories/styling products
  • Clothes and gift items