Basic Event Shop

Scania has a range of new and innovative type of furniture adapted for temporary shops such as at events, exhibitions, road shows, campaigns etc.

Display range of Scania Lifestyle products ideally model vehicles and eye-catching Scania Selection products.

You can easily change the communication on your tower or a section wall by using covers. It is an image printed on vinyl that you simply hang on the furniture of your choice. Each section wall is 2300 mm high and 900 mm wide. Other images can be downloaded from

7 tips on lighting
  1. How a customer chooses to make a purchase is often subconscious. Light is a subconscious factor.
  2. It is essential to feel secure when making a purchase. Light creates a sense of security.
  3. Poorly or too evenly lit shops are not as attractive as a shop with well-planned lighting.
  4. Targeted “islands” of light direct the customer´s attention.
  5. Staff feel better and provide better service in a shop with well planned lighting.
  6. New technology - such as LED lighting - uses less energy and is easier on the enviroment.
  7. For best results, use a lighting specialist.


Scania Brand Shop Events
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